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What is cloudsirene

Centralized application monitoring platform for all applications

Excellent health overview for all applications

Fully-automated addressing of relevant issues to correct persons

Reduce costs by automate and optimize monitoring operations

Fast implementation of an efficient monitoring and alerting solution
(approx. 1 day)

Monitoring is mission critical.

Any issue can impact your business processes, your business value.

Gartner Inc. put it in a nutshell

"By 2021, 60% of IT monitoring investments will include a focus on business-relevant metrics, up from less than 20% in 2017".

"(...) the goal of such a service is not so much for central IT to monitor digital business processes directly. Instead, it’s meant to give digitalized business units the power to do their own monitoring in a way that is effective and flexible, but, at the same time, cost-efficient".

(Gartner Inc., 2017)

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Important note: No business related data are required by cloudsirene.

Features of cloudsirene

Key facts and your benefits

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Monitoring and Health Analysis

Monitoring platform for your system landscape without sending critical business data. Get Email Notifications for subscribed system events like error messages, system communication issues or critical system queues. Check the status of all interfaces on your systems. This enables you to detect any issues and monitor your process flows efficiently.

One centralized point to check the status of all integrated systems.

Alerting and Notifications

With the Alerting and Notification functionality you get informed about any issues. In that case, no manual monitoring is required because you get automatically informed by cloudsirene. With a dedicated customizing, the notification messages can be routed to the system, interface or process owner or someone else. Due to that fact, the process involved persons get informed about any detected issues.

Reduce and optimize your issue revolving mail ping-pong efficiently.

Interface Visualization

The system interface visualization enables you to get an overview about the interfaces and their system dependencies.

See your technical interfaces in different way and enjoy a deep dive.

Message Tracking

Most of business processes are complex and distributed over many systems. With the monitoring solution provided by cloudsirene, you can efficiently tracking messages and issues over all involved systems. Combine your application monitoring to a process-driven monitoring approach.

Let's have a try and illuminate the blackbox.


Optimize your monitoring operations with a collaborated communication. You can comment and track any issues. The relevant application, interface or process owner or any other responsible person will be informed automatically about any updates regarding the issue solving.

Up-to-date what is going on.


Currently we provide agents for:

- SAP ERP / CRM (all ABAP Stack Systems)

You need a monitoring agent for another application?
Due to the software independent API by cloudsirene the integration is easy.

Contact us for a free call with our development team.

Documentation and Knowledge Center

Centralized documentation of systems and their interfaces and message flows.

Improve of issue solving due to leverage from a common error knowledge database. Beta Feature

monitoring simplified!

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Pricing and Licensing

Pay-as-you-go with the license builder of cloudsirene.

Style your individual package based on your requirements.

It is easy to join cloudsirene

1. Sign up for 30 days free trial account

2. Upgrade to a regular one during the trial period

Questions? Please contact us.

Trial: 30 days free full trial account. Step into the cloudsirene experience.

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  • Full cloudsirene access including all features and services
  • 30 days free trial account includes:
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    • All features and services as for the regular cloudsirene account
  • You can upgrade during trial period to a regular cloudsirene account
  • If you not upgrade the account will expire after the trial period

Pay-as-you-go, style your own individual license and pay only what you really need.

  • Full cloudsirene platform access
  • Monitoring agents for: SAP ERP, SAP PI/PO
    You need a monitoring agent for your individual application?
    Due to the software indepent API by cloudsirene the integration is easy.
    Contact us for a free call with our development team.
  • Full API access for application monitoring
  • User and Authorization Management
  • Alerting and Notifcation Management
    • Alerts/Notifications for dedicated defined issues
    • Communication Issues, Error Messages, Queues issues, program exceptions, ...
    • Each user can individually subscribe application events and will receive relevant event notifications
  • Detailed information about integrated systems:
    • System dashboard
    • Message details
    • Communication details
    • Queue details
    • Exception details
    • System Heartbeat
    • ...
  • Message tracking over systems
    • Enables you to track messages of different systems
    • Supports you to identify any business process related issues
  • Issue collaboration with system, message, communication comments
    • Users can send comments for any issues
    • Helps to get things solved because you can see who is working on an issue
    • Each comment and problem resolving step will be sent via email to the relevant subscribers
  • Interface Landscape Visualization
    • Visualization of the system dependencies
    • Supports you to illuminate the blackbox.

  • Optional Service
  • Access to the Professional Service of cloudsirene
    • Pool of experts which are consultants for many big well-known companies
    • Provides a full range of support and expertise
    • Free contact to the professional service to discuss any issues, project plans, technical questions or anything else

  • Sign up for trial

    Upgrade during the trial period to a regular cloudsirene account.

    Please contact us in case of questions.

Workshop Packages

cloudsirene onboarding

cloudsirene Onboarding Workshop

Workshop to connect your application to cloudsirene.


Ref. WP1010
cloudsirene monitoring workshop

SAP Monitoring Workshop

How to efficiently monitor SAP ABAP-Stack systems and SAP PI/PO (Java) systems.


Ref. WP2010