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New Feature: Generator for SAP PO interface documentation, more
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What is cloudsirene

Centralized monitoring and documentation platform for all applications

Health overview for all applications

Fully-automated addressing of relevant issues to correct persons with corresponding documentation

Cut operation costs by automate and optimize monitoring processes and documentation generation

Fast implementation of an efficient monitoring and alerting solution
(approx. 1 day)

Application monitoring is highly business critical.

Any issue can impact your business processes seriously.

Gartner Inc. put it in a nutshell

"By 2021, 60% of IT monitoring investments will include a focus on business-relevant metrics, up from less than 20% in 2017".

"(...) the goal of such a service is not so much for central IT to monitor digital business processes directly. Instead, it’s meant to give digitalized business units the power to do their own monitoring in a way that is effective and flexible, but, at the same time, cost-efficient".

(Gartner Inc., 2017)

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How cloudsirene works watch Trailer

1. Your applications will be monitored by Agents which are connected to cloudsirene
Important note: No business related data are required by cloudsirene.

2. cloudsirene react on defined rulesets and notify the best person either
from business, IT department or someone else

3. cloudsirene will provide all detected documentations

4. Notified persons can start the investigation

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Important note: No business related data are required by cloudsirene.

Available Data Lakes

We are prepared for your security policies and provide following data storage locations.

Region Location
Asia Hong Kong, Mumbai, Osaka, Seoul, Singapore, Taiwan, Tokyo
Australia Sydney
Europe Belgium, Finland, Frankfurt, London, Netherlands, Zürich
North America Iowa, Los Angeles, Montréal, Northern Virginia, Oregon, Salt Lake City, South Carolina
South America São Paulo

Features of cloudsirene

Key facts and your benefits

Centralized Dashboard
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Mobile Dashboard
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Interface Visualization
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Message History
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Monitoring and Health Analysis

Monitoring platform for your system landscape without sending critical business data. Get Email Notifications for subscribed system events like error messages, system communication issues or critical system queues. Check the status of all interfaces on your systems. This enables you to detect any issues and monitor your process flows efficiently.

One centralized point to check the status of all integrated systems.

Alerting and Notifications

With the Alerting and Notification functionality you get informed about any issues. In that case, no manual monitoring is required because you get automatically informed by cloudsirene. With a dedicated customizing, the notification messages can be routed to the system, interface or process owner or someone else. Due to that fact, the process involved persons get informed about any detected issue.

Reduce and optimize your issue revolving mail ping-pong efficiently.

Documentation and Knowledge Center

Centralized documentation of systems and their interfaces and message flows.

Improve your issue investigation processes due to leverage from a shared knowledge database.

New Feature
Interface documentation generator for SAP PO systems. Fully-generated documentation for all interfaces running on SAP PO.
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Optimize your monitoring operations with a collaborated communication. You can comment and track any issues. The relevant application, interface or process owner or any other responsible person will be informed automatically about any updates regarding the issue solving.

Up-to-date what is going on.

Interface Visualization

The system interface visualization enables you to get an overview about the interfaces and their system dependencies.

See your technical interfaces in different way and enjoy a deep dive.

Message Tracking

Most of business processes are complex and distributed over many systems. With the monitoring solution provided by cloudsirene, you can efficiently tracking messages and issues over all involved systems. Combine your application monitoring to a process-driven monitoring approach.

Let's have a try and illuminate the blackbox.


Currently we provide agents for:

- SAP PI / PO (Java and ABAP Stack)
- SAP ERP / CRM (all ABAP Stack)

You need a monitoring agent for another application?
Due to the software independent API by cloudsirene the integration is easy.

Contact us for a free call with our development experts.

monitoring simplified!

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Subscription Pricing

Pay-as-you-go with your individual subscription.

Our packages starts at CHF 350
Alternative billing in EUR or USD possible.

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cloudsirene Packages

The packages can be combined to your individual subscription.

Pick up for each system you like to integrate on cloudsirene the best suitable package and pay-as-you-go.
You can easily generate and adjust your individual subscription on cloudsirene with our subscription builder.


CHF 350 / monthly

2,000,000 API events

CHF 10 per user


CHF 500 / monthly

10,000,000 API events

CHF 10 per user


CHF 700 / monthly

20,000,000 API events

CHF 10 per user


Let's discuss your individual requirements.

We will find a suitable setup for your landscape.

1 User accounts are valid for the whole platform and not dedicated to a system.
2 Billing in CHF, EUR or USD possible.

Example Calculators

Adjust the parameters to your real requirements and get a feeling about how to cut-off your operation costs.

How many systems would you like to handle by cloudsirene?

${ howManySystem }

How many times are you currently checking each system per day?

${ howManyTime }

Time effort for each system check (minutes)?

${ timePerCheck }

Internal costs per day (CHF)?

${ costsPerDay }

You got it

Please contact us for a discussion.

You will save approx. CHF ${ formatPrice(saving) } per month
by using cloudsirene
Based on the submitted values you will not cut-off your costs.

Your are currently investing ${ hoursMonth } hours per month for monitoring and let's say easy support.

Based on your internal rate the expected estimated internal costs for manual monitoring and support are CHF ${ formatPrice(costMonth) } per month.
The corresponding cloudsirene price would be instead CHF ${ formatPrice(cloudsireneCosts) } for a 24/7 monitoring and support automation.


- This calculation shows the saving potential on a high-level and is only for an illustration purpose.
- You have selected that you check each system ${ howManyTime } times per day. Please keep the benefit in mind that cloudsirene will check 24/7 near real-time.
- Billing in CHF, EUR or USD possible

For how many interfaces would you like to generate the documentation by cloudsirene?

${ howManyInterfaces }

Average time effort for each manual interface documentation creation (minutes)?

${ howManyTimeDocumentation }

Internal costs per day (CHF)?

${ costsPerDayDocumentation }

You got it

Please contact us for a discussion.

You will save immediately approx. CHF ${ formatPrice(savingDocumentation) }
by using cloudsirene
Based on the submitted values you will not cut-off your costs.

Your will need to invest ${ formatPrice(hoursDocumentation) } days for creating the documentation manually.

Based on your internal rate the expected estimated internal costs for creating the documentation are CHF ${ formatPrice(costsDocumentation) }.
The corresponding cloudsirene price for the documentation service will be instead CHF ${ formatPrice(costsMonitoringAgent) } per month for documentation automation.

By using the cloudsirene documentation service you will have everytime up-to-date documentation that includes overall interface documentation and mapping tables. The generated documentations can be enhanced and downloaded.


- This calculation shows the saving potential on a high-level and is only for an illustration purpose.
- Billing in CHF, EUR or USD possible

Workshop Packages

cloudsirene presentation

cloudsirene Demo

Online demo of cloudsirene to explain the features and your benefits.


Ref. WP1010
cloudsirene onboarding

cloudsirene Onboarding

Workshop to connect your application to cloudsirene.


Ref. WP1020
cloudsirene monitoring workshop

SAP Monitoring Workshop

How to efficiently monitor SAP ABAP-Stack and/or SAP PI/PO (Java) systems.


Ref. WP2010